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Brief Introduction of Our School
Huanyu Chinese Learning Center was formerly known as the Chinese school of Ms Zheng Lijie, founder and CEO of the Huanyu Chinese Learning Centre(click to view an introduction to Zheng Lijie).What initially began as a HSK counseling agency has grown through five years of development to become a professional educational institute which includes Chinese language teaching and research, HSK preparation, professional training for BCT and cultural exchange between China and Korea.

The Huanyu Chinese Learning Center currently has two branches, one at the University of International Business and Economics, and the other in Wudaokou in the Huaqing Building. Both provide professional, first-class teaching services for Chinese learners. Our school offers the following:
HSK and BCT preparation
Advanced Spoken Chinese
Business Chinese
Chinese Culture
Translation Soldier Courses (designed for Korean students)
The translation soldier and Korean translation are the featured courses of our school. In 2010, the Center began designing Korean language curriculum for Chinese students, which has made the school a truly multi-lingual teaching institution. (Click to view course

All of our teachers are highly experienced in the field of language teaching. Their dedication, excellent teaching skills and rich experience are the foundation of our school and the reason why Huanyu Center has been able to develop and expand. (Click to view teacher profiles

By gathering the best Chinese language teaching experts and utilizing an integrated teaching resources platform, Huanyu Chinese Learning Center delivers on being a first-class destination for both Chinese learners and teachers. We consistently put the needs of our customers first and constantly strive to innovate and evolve according to their needs.

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