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Course Features



This course is targeted towards business people in China. The content of the lessons pertains to business manners, business dialogue, negotiation and business writing. We are also aiming at helping you pass the BCT test with flying colors. Our course is given by professional BCT trainer who is experienced in helping  students achieve their goals. 





课程名称 校区 任课教师 开课时间 结课时间 上课时间 课时 课次 学费 在线报名
BCT 华清分院 姜老师  预订   每周六、日上午9:30--12:30     25/ 课时
BCT 华清分院 姜老师  预订   每周六、日下午14:00--17:30     25/ 课时





Trainer   Jiang Yuping




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