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Our Teachers
Brief introduction of Ms. Zheng Lijie

Ms. Zheng is the founder and executive president of Huanyu Chinese Learning Centre. She has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language since 1996 and is a qualified HSK teaching and research expert. She began focusing on HSK teaching and research in 2000 and has developed an unique method that helps students grasp the sense of the Chinese language in a short period of time. She has received praise from students from all over the world.
Ms. Zheng has taught at the Beijing World Language School, Peking University European Research Cooperation Center, the China Youth Political College and other well-known teaching institutions. She is now the HSK Lecturer for the Human Resources Development Corporation of Korean Labour Department, and the distinguished professor of Business Chinese courses. She founded The Ms. Zheng Chinese School in 2005, which is the predecessor of the Huanyu Chinese Learning Center.
Ms. Zheng worked with the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press to organize and publish the “Easy HSK Classroom” series of books ",which include "21 Days to Conquer the HSK (Advanced) Grammar" "21 Days to Conquer the HSK (Advanced) Oral" and "21 Days to Conquer the New HSK Six Tutorial ". All of these books enjoys an excellent reputation among foreign students, particularly Korean students.

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Ms. Zheng with her students

brief introduction of Mr. Liu Zhigang

Mr. Liu is the Vice President of the HuaQing Division of Huanyu Chinese Learning Center. He graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with his master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. While studying for his master’s degreee, he held a position as part-time instructor at the Beijing Language and Culture University, Foreign Language Education Center of Tsinghua University and other foreign language teaching institutions. In 2008, he taught spoken Chinese for the middle management of South Korea's Hyundai Motor Company in Beijing Language and Culture University College and was highly recognized and recommended by the students.
After getting his master’s degree, he taught Chinese for foreigners at Xiamen University, at New Oriental Education & Technology Group, and then at Beijing HongZhong International Chinese Language School. He possesses abundant teaching experience and a mature approach, especially in the field of using multi-media teaching methods. His teaching materials are current, practical and relevant to his students. His unique teaching style has been widely-received with praise by students from all over the world. On June, 2009, Mr Liu was invited to the 7th International Chinese Teaching Seminar. And he also submitted the paper The Envision and Discovery about Establishing Audio Form of New Database of Chinese as a Foreign Language, which was widely praised by all of the experts in attendance at the meeting.
He has won several awards for his outstanding teaching, including the 2009 Outstanding Chinese-Promoted Trainer in South Station of Xiamen University, the 2011 Central Radio and TV University Excellent Teaching Experience Composition , and also the second prize of 2012 China Teaching Source Competition in Beijing Language and Culture University.

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Mr. Liu with his students

brief introduction of Ms. Jiang

Ms. Jiang is a Bachelor of Business Administration of Chinese Geology University and a Senior Chinese teacher. She specializes in teaching business Chinese , HSK preparation and BCT preparation courses . Ms. Jiang consistently strives to create a lively classroom environment, and highly values interaction with her students to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Working experience
2008-2010 HSK chief teacher
Economic and Trade University preparation courses for Korea Cialis educational consulting company
2010-2011 Business Chinese teacher
Business Chinese training class for Korean Human Resources Corporation
2011-Now Business Chinese\HSK\BCT teacher
Huanyu Chinese Learning Center

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Ms. Jiang with her students

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