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HSK Training

Date:2012-10-19 14:01 Click:2665 

Course Features 


This course is designed for students planning on writing the HSK. Drawing on a wealth of materials based on real past HSK exams, we aim to enhance the student’s ability to pass the HSK with flying colours.
This class is taught by Zheng Lijie, who has a wealth of experience in the area of HSK training and is well-known for her dynamic teaching style.

Furthermore, Huanyu offers flexible start-dates for HSK 4, HSK 5 and HSK 6 every month.





 Type 校区 任课教师 Begins Ends Time Hour 课次 Rate 在线报名
新HSK6级考前强化 华清分院 郑丽杰 10月29日 11月30日 每周一、三、五 下午14:00-16:50 45 15 2250
新HSK6级考前培训 华清分院 郑丽杰 10月29日 11月30日 每周一、三、五 晚上18:00-20:50 45 15 2250
新HSK6级考前强化 经贸总部 郑丽杰 10月30日 12月1日 每周二、四、六 上午 9:00-11:50 45 15 2250







Trainer   Zheng Lijie




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